Recipe for a good meeting

At Murikanranta, we are not satisfied with providing just basic meals. Instead, all meetings are catered by the two high-quality restaurants at our conference hotel. At the restaurants, you can enjoy local delicacies by a beautiful lakeside view of Lake Näsijärvi. For more private events, we offer a cabinet connected to the restaurants.

Tasty moments at Upper Restaurant and Mutteri Club

During the day, meals are served at our hearty buffet table in the Upper Restaurant. Mutteri Club, on the other hand, opens its doors in the evenings, or according to agreement. Spend an enjoyable evening at Mutteri Club playing darts or pool.

In addition to a buffet lunch, we offer tasty menu ensembles, all tailored to customer wishes. We prepare all our dishes using fresh raw ingredients in our own kitchen, with a preference for our region’s local producers. Our restaurants are also fully licensed.

Murikanranta’s beautiful courtyard area offers the perfect setting for al fresco dining – and if you wish, you can also enjoy a cozy campfire coffee!