Meeting rooms

At Murikanranta, you can find a variety of different sized meeting rooms, which can be adapted for various needs.

Meeting rooms 1-4 are for groups of 24-30 people and the tables and chairs can easily be moved around as you wish. The meeting rooms have been named after the history of Murikanranta’s Industrial Union: we have meeting rooms called Verstas, Masuuni, Telakka, Paja and Latomo. All rooms are equipped with diverse AV equipment and a WLAN network.

In connection with meeting rooms 1-4, there are four smaller teamwork rooms for 6-8 people. The teamwork rooms also have a flip chart and a WLAN network.

The meeting room’s surface area is 67 m² and the teamwork room’s surface area is 16 m².

  • Meeting rooms for 24-30 people
  • Teamwork rooms for 6-8 people
  • AV equipment and WLAN network

Meeting room 5 is called Valurauta and can seat 60-80 people. Valurauta is located near to the main lobby, and it can also be split in to two separate rooms. The tables and chairs can be freely moved as desired. As all our meeting rooms, even Valurauta has AV equipment and a WLAN network.

  • Surface area 140 m²
  • for 60-80 people
  • Can be split in to two separate rooms
  • AV equipment and WLAN network

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