A fun meeting day

Do you need programme activities for your meeting day? Or are you organising a workplace recreational day?

At Murikanranta, you will find an interesting and fun selection of activities, which can last fromas little as one hour up to an entire day. Packages include, for example,light and more challenging sports, various presentation tours, disc golf, Olympics and campfire songs by Tapio Rautavaara.

Ask for more information, and we will work with you to tailor the perfectprogramme of activities for your group.

Murikanranta’s activity packages

Learn to play the ukulele

All you need is the spirit of a folk musician – and perhaps a pint of beer. Enjoy the relaxing musical atmosphere. We may even sing a few songs!

Duration 1 hour
Group size 10–20 ppl
Price 40€

Take a bicycle to the grand church

Come along on a bike ride to admire Teisko’s unique church – at least from the outside. Then head to the village museum, where we can enjoy aguided tour followed by some coffee and sweet pastries. Afterwards, wecan either race back or cycleat ourown pace.

Duration 2 hours
Group size 10-15 ppl
Price 40€

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a sport that is suitable for everyone, perfect for stretching our muscles after a day of meetings. Learn to walk correctly on different terrains.

Duration 45 mins
Group size 10-25 ppl
Price 25€

Secrets of a large harness racing stable

A great alternative place to visit is Teisko’s largest harness racing stablewhere we can get a feel for the power of the horses and no doubt hear fascinating horse stories told by our host E.P Mäkinen, a nationally known harness racing instructor. The most courageous might even get a chance to ride in an exciting harness racing cart.

Duration 1.5 hours
Group size 10 ppl
Price 35€

Roman Olympics

Learn the secrets behind javelin, discus and hammer throwing, and shot put like Mika Halvari. Lifestyle sportsman Makkos-Pauli (Paulus Makkonen) will teach you the secrets to success in different throwing sports.

Duration 1 hour
Group size 10-15 ppl
Price 35€

Electric bicycle in a rural landscape

Try out the lightness of an electric bicycle in the natural beauty of Teisko. The views change as if by themselves, with either electric or muscle power, allowing you to effortlessly enjoya ridingexperience which will leaveyou smiling for days.

Duration 1 hour
Group size 5 ppl
Price 40€

Experience disc golf

Who can throw Murikka’s longest opening throws? Learn the basics of thisrelaxing outdoor game and compete with your friends on a 10-fairway course. You will probably take golf fever home as a souvenir.

Duration 1 hour
Group size 10–20 ppl
Price 30€

Greek Olympics

Engage your braincells and test your wits with tricky problem-solving activities. Turn blocks, decipher mysteries, build puzzles, solve brain games and challenge yourself with mathematical problems.

Duration 45 mins
Group size 10-15 ppl
Price 35€

Get your bike in shape

With the guidance of an expert, learn to inspect the condition of your bicycle and carry out small maintenance procedures yourself.

Duration 45 mins
Group size 10 ppl
Price from 30€

Stick gymnastics

Take part in guided exercises with a gymnastics stick. Guided stick gymnastics is suitable for everyone, an excellent way to exercise and perfect for relieving any upper torso tension, e.g. after a meeting.

Duration 45 mins
Group size 10-25 ppl
Price 30€

Campfire songs by Tapio Rautavaara

Enjoy Tapio Rautavaara’s much-loved, evergreen songs around campfire. Jari Välimäki performs as the famous actor, Tapio.


Duration 1.5 hours
Group size max 25 ppl
Price 500€/event

Target games

Stylish yet still competitive team games, based on accuracy. You can even take part in these competitions while wearing a suit!


Laser trap shooting – laser shotgun shooting at flying discs. In the game, five shooters can shoot at once, with automatic scoring.

Crown Darts – British giant darts with lawn dart boards.

Minifrisbee – accuracy throwing at a goal area on the ground.

Archery – classic archery with bows and arrows. Additional sports, such as knife throwing, giant slingshot shooting and axe throwing also possible.

Fun Golf – sticky ball golf, a putting game with large sticky goals.

Duration: 1–2.5 h
Group size: 10–60 ppl
Price from 1 350 €/15 ppl


Big team competition

An exciting team competition! All eight activitiesrequire teamwork and before each one beginsthe team is providedwithguidance and a moment to go over their tactics. Instructors monitor the competitionand record theresults. All the sports are easy to learn andsuitable for just about everyone,but full of competitive challengesandthe competitors are sure to have fun together!

Each team is given results for the activities. It is possible to organise a final competition e.g. between the two best teams while the others cheer them on.

Duration: 1.5-2 h
Group size: 2–64 teams, 10–320 ppl
Price from 975 €/15 ppl

Boot Camp

Welcome to the army! A playful Boot Camp team competition, where the teams’ cooperation skills, understanding, communicationsand accuracy are tested, led byinstructors. The activitiesin the programme have been selected to besuitable for people of almost any fitness level. A programme package can include, for example, the following sports:

Shooting: Large laser weapons are used in groups to shoot flying discs.

Bomb disassembly: Each team has a briefcase bomb on the table, which must be deactivated before the timer ignites the “explosive”.

Relay: The groups take part in a flag relay.

Multitalent point: Erectinga militarytent, hand grenade throwing practice,and accuracy shooting with a military slingshot.

In addition, subject to places, the programme can occasionally be supplemented with e.g. camp dining, a tent sauna, paintball war, hard-bullet shooting, special transportation, military-type circuit training or self-defence exercises.

Duration: 2–2.5 h
Group size: 20–60 ppl
Price from 1 700 €/15 ppl

Laser Trap Shooting

A diverse and safe clay disc shooting competition with laser-operated, but otherwise genuine, shotguns. Shooters aim at flying discs and when theyhit them their points are automatically added to the scoreboard. Five people can shoot at a time. The trigger sounds can be heard from the scoreboard’s speakers. The weapons do not kick back, and the discs are collected, which means that the shooting is completely safeand ecological. For larger groups, independent activities can be organised for shooters who are waiting for their turn.

Duration: 1 h 15 min (additional acitivities max 1.5 h)
Group size: 10-15 ppl
Price from 750 €/15 ppl


Sporty geocaching team game in the surrounding area. Minitablets are used as search tools. The game has automatic scoring for flags and treasures that have been found! During the game, you can “trap” players on the rival team, and move around in pairs with a search device and walkie-talkie. Excellent teamwork sport, which everyone can participate in according to their own level of fitness.

Flaghunt is a national innovation-awarded sports product.

Duration: 1.5–2.5 h
Group size: 10-45 ppl
Price from: 950 €/15 ppl

Virus – Mission to save humankind!

A global virus epidemic has reached our area. A recently developed antivirus is secured behind locks in super-secure storage boxes, but the developer of the antivirus is missing. Due to the state of emergency, the first to arrive are entitled to open the boxesbut they are locked using complex codes.

In addition to the virus-mystery game, there are five other movable games that are suitable for different locations, and all of them involve reasoning that is familiar from escape games – without the group being locked in a room.

Duration: 1.5 h
Group size: 15-120 ppl
Price from 1 000 €/4 teams

Crazy Games Indoor

Liberatingly funny games indoors for those who love comedy. The selection of games include i.e. building bucket pyramids wearing huge gloves, reaction tests wearing distortion glasses, buzzertrack and Bongo Bongo, which includes rhytmic drumming.

In addition there are dozens of bigger and smaller games tailored for different group sizes and facilities.

Duration: 1–2h
Group size: 10–60 ppl
Price from 995 €/15 ppl